Repeat Dispensing

The Repeat Dispensing is an essential service under the NHS community pharmacy contractual framework that enables community pharmacists to manage the supply of repeat medicines to patients in agreement with their prescriber. This service offers a number of benefits to patients, prescribers and pharmacists.
Under the NHS Repeat Dispensing service patients will need to visit their surgery less frequently. Patient safety will be increased and there will be less wastage of medicines.

Patients who are medically stable and on suitable medicines will be able to receive a repeatable prescription that can be valid for up to twelve months. This repeatable prescription consists of a Repeat Authorisation (the legal authority) and a number of batch issue forms. Each batch issue form allows the patient to receive another supply of medicines without having to visit the surgery or see their GP.

At Midlands Pharmacy we can accept the Repeat Authorisation and thereafter all supplies against the batch issue forms will be made by us. The main advantages to patients are that they do not need to remember to reorder their repeat medicines from the surgery each month and hence there is a reduction in visits to GP surgeries, and the ability to pick up repeat medicines at times that are convenient to them.

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